Missionary Name Ministers to:
Stacy Dassow Peru
   Stella Rampersad Trinidad
Buck and Shannon Woodworth Guyana, South America
Baptist Int’l Missions, Inc Bill Norton Argentina
Baptist Int’l Missions, Inc Dave Carter Japan
Baptist Int’l Missions, Inc Dave Maskey Nigeria
Baptist Int’l Missions, Inc Gaylor Carter Australia
Baptist Int’l Missions, Inc Henry Ward Japan
Baptist Int’l Missions, Inc Sean Lunday Brazil
Baptist Missions to Forgotten People Rennie Campbell Prison Ministry
Central Baptist Missions Int’l Claro Loquias Phillipines
Central Missionary Clearinghouse Mike Kennedy Peru
Child Evangelism Fellowship Nathaniel Holliman Local Ministry
Christ to the Nations Missions David Ralston Abaco
Christian Law Association David Gibbs US Legal
Craftsmen for Christ Roger Mullins Family Church Construction
Fundamental Baptist Home Missions Dr. James A. Ellis Tract Ministry
Global Baptist Ministries Dr Bob Doom India
Greg Lentz Youth Ministries Greg Lentz Youth Ministry
Macedonia World Baptist Missions James Allen Brazil
Return American Ron Baity America – Social Issues
Rock of Ages Prison Ministry Bobby Sizemore Prison Ministry
Rock of Ages Prison Ministry Rick Hildebrand Prison Ministry
Rock of Ages Prison Ministry Slater Moseley Prison Ministry
Silent Word Ministries International David Bennett Deaf Ministry
Tabernacle Children’s Home Jeff Guerrant Children’s Home
Tri-State Baptist Children’s Home Fred Potter Children’s Home
Victory for Troubled Youth Ralph (R.E.) & Sandy Stokes Juvenile Delinquent
Wayfarer Ministries Dr. Gill Massengill Jewish Ministry
Wayfarer Ministries Orlando Ramos Jewish Ministry
Western States Baptist Mission Charles Leonard USA
Word of the World Baptist Ministries George Kinsey South Africa
World Wide NT Baptist Ministries Elwood Hurst Micronesia
World Wide NT Baptist Ministries Allan R. Mercer South Africa

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